Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prepping for First Video

Getting pretty close to making my first video of this project, just vacillating over how to present the information.

I need to cover the details of how a Rallye package differs from the other 1972 Charger variants.  Found several examples of how folks out there mixed and matched various details from different years and made some pretty cool cars.  Not exactly my style, but hey, if it is your car do what you like.  Let your custom freak flag fly!

Need to show how I am changing the appearance too, like the black stripe along the bottom that is also a rustproofing precaution.  On that item, maybe in a different video, show what happens when you use a perfectly good, even superior product in the wrong manner and how bad results follow.

Not sure where the pictures the previous owner gave me have gotten lost to. Probably died on an older computer.  Still have plenty of my own pix from when I was doing the body work.

Of course, there are some features I want to build in that are far in the future.  Luckily, these features are getting cheaper and better over time.  Things like a full surround video recording system, or climate controlled bucket seats.

Right now, the first big expense is going to be in the transmission.  I probably have a cracked hub in the torque converter and that is where the transmission fluid is leaking.  So, new converter when I get the planetaries, clutch packs, and other gizmos upgraded.

Still working out how, or even if, I am going to toss this project onto Fund Anything.  I think it would be a fun show if presented right.

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